BSGS Update

Hi everyone! You may or may not be aware that our Elf HQ (NZ Post House) is currently off limits for everything except the ground floor. This is because safety! Very important!

Libby & I (mostly me, to be fair) have been freaking out a little bit since the Kaikoura earthquakes and subsequent building closure. Why? Well the whole Bad Santa Gift Stash is in there. You know, the one we’ve been putting together since JUNE. We (I) were incredibly worried that all the hard work and generous donations of goods would be trapped in Elf HQ until after Christmas – obviously too late for #nzsecretsanta.

After many complainings at my boss and his generous harassment of *his* boss, we got told last night that the floors are being sealed TODAY and if we needed anything, we had to get it before that happened. *freak out*

So this morning, I was lucky/foolish enough to be allowed back into the building to retrieve the ‘business critical’ equipment from our area. After many health and safety briefings and general “don’t be a moron and follow instructions” chats, we were off.

They wouldn’t let me wear my Elf hat over my hardhat. 😦

The long and the short of it is that we’ve successfully extracted almost all of the Bad Santa Gift Stash. There are roughly 15 items left behind due to size/time constraints; but they’ll be safe where they are and hopefully we’ll have enough to go without them.

The things we do for this game!

Much love,
Aj, Libby & The Elves

BSGS Update

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